The Next Generation TU Delft Repository Project

Project Manager: Ardi Nonhebel

This project will provide a sustainable repository that meets the needs of staff and students of TU Delft, and fits into a larger network of global repositories such as advised by COAR Next Generation Repository report.

Read the project plan on Google Docs

Start: November 2021

End: May 2023

Working with ICT

These are the following areas of  that where the library will work specifically with ICT

Change Management & ICT

Work with ICT to establish processes for ICT support for change management (ongoing process from 2021 onwards)

Single Storage Layer

Explore with ICT the possibility for a single storage layer for all library-managed assets (with follow up projects)

Obtaining new external tools and services

Work with ICT to improve the process and decisions for acquiring new services (ongoing process from 2021 onwards)

Governing existing tools and services

Work with ICT and other services to improve mechanisms for governing services across the university

ICT & Innovation

Work with ICT to establish ICT’s appetite for helping with other aspects of Library’s strategy (both in terms of innovation and ongoing service delivery)