Where are we now with the Service Standards part of the Digital Service Programme?

We now have a public list (link to Google spreadsheet) of all the services the library runs, and also in-progress private list with responsible owners for each service. (Link to OneDrive spreadsheet)

We have published version of the Service Standards, in English and in Dutch.

And we also have ten services (see table below) that have agreed to be the ‘guinea-pigs’, that will test themselves against the 12 standards. Each of these ten services is undertaking a self-assessment, so that they can think about how they can meet the standards, what help is needed and how easy or difficult the implementation is.


ID Service
78 Write a data management plan (see recommendations)
106 Gain insight into the positioning of the research fields and identify important patterns and trends within the research domains.
77 Give archive requirements in tendering process of new systems (IT requests) (see recommendations)
37 Ordering physical books from other library collections (Worldwide)
56 Get an answer to any library related question within 5 work days, preferably the same day
64 Request an ISSN or ISBN
119 Get access to collections while off-campus
15 Chill out in the Relax Zone
50 Get online training on information literacy
7 Record your own video or podcast in a DIY recording booth (NMC DIY)

This is accompanied by some drop-in sessions and a workshop in April, where members of the nominated Services can speak with the Editorial Board about how they will implement the Service Standards. This will also be a good opportunity to reflect the bigger implications for the library – what kind of staff and skills are needed to embed the standards? And how quickly can this be achieved? And are the Standards helping us reach our larger strategic goals?