The (digital) service must be available for as much time as possible, with downtime clearly communicated. 


Why is it important?

End users depend on service and want to be able to use it at the time that suits them. Unreliable services break the trust of users, making them less likely to return.


What to do? 

  • Clearly communicate downtime (and support times) on the homepage of the service, and other related channels if necessary
  • Identify a channel where customers can contact the service if the main channel is unavailable. If possible, advise an alternative service or means of support
  • (If relevant), finalize a Service Level Agreement with ICT at TU Delft  (or define a SLA with any service hosted by a third party)
  • (For services with large usage or sensitive data) Work with ICT or the third party to undertake periodic stress testing (both in terms of capacity and security) to ensure the reliability of the service (and incorporate these costs in your yearly budget)