The new service design team kicked-off in the summer of 2022. We help the library to see their services from the customer point of view, balancing the needs of customers and that of the organization to create a friendly and quality service experience.

Our approach is rooted in human-centered-design, following the double diamond model* we bring in collaborative, iterative and designerly processes, tools, and techniques.

*Picture Source: Adjusted based on Stickdorn, M. (2017). This is service design doing: applying service design thinking in the real world: a practitioner’s handbook (First). O’Reilly Media. Retrieved June 27, 2022. Chapter 4

We set out by engaging with cross-department stakeholders within the library to get to know the running services. Together with service delivery teams and team heads we co-created a numbers of service maps and service system maps to gain a zoom-in and zoom-out perspectives.

The stakeholder sessions brought us insights into the 3 different levels of services that library offers: services to customers (e.g., managing research data, publishing, facilities to study, work and relax), to organizations (e.g., research analytics) and to society (e.g., adhere to legal archive obligations).

The stakeholder insights formed an inside-out perspective, which allowed us to understand the current services based on the organizational point-of-view. An urgent step is take the outside-in perspective focusing on the customer-point-of view.

To do this, we are developing a customer journey framework for the library, which will guide the user research  (e.g., persona, customer journey mapping) and design activities (e.g., ideation, prototyping).

We are excited to explore and learn about these journeys together with our users and stakeholders the coming months.