As part of the our Digital Services Programme at TU Delft, the Service Design team investigated  how to “make the library more welcoming and appealing to the PhD candidates”

The team worked with Industrial Design Masters’ students Dafne Rios Cazares, Maria Peiro Torralba and Qixiu Zhang to do get insights from PhD candidates. They used a number of methods – asking the PhD candidates to keep diaries of library engagement, one-to-one interviews, and workshops).

The report (available to download as a pdf) has four sections

Firstly, it introduces the PhD candidate at TU Delft and some of her or his typical characteristics.


Secondly, it indicates the close support network that a PhD candidate typically has


Thirdly, it sketches the broad ‘archipelago of knowledge’ that exists in a university


And finally, it indicates what a library needs to get better contact with the PhD candidates

Many thanks to the Service Design team (Rosie Paulissen, Dilay Sarpay, Chen Hao) and the Industrial Design students (Dafne Rios Cazares, Maria Peiro Torralba and Qixiu Zhang) who did this work as part of their Master’s course.