The service must have a named, responsible owner, who works with a team across the library (and university) to deliver the service.


Why is it important?

Unclear ownership and governance are likely to create services with unclear direction. A service needs one person who:

  • has an overview of all processes, related steps and tasks and stakeholders for the service
  • can make the final decisions in processes, conflicting interests, etc.
  • if approached for questions, complaints, etc. can identify the right member of staff to deal with them.
  • takes responsibility for continual improvement.
  • can start or participate in projects concerning the service, think of process improvements, software evaluation, user feedback, etc.


What to do?

  • Provide a named, responsible owner, who works with a team within a department, across the library or in the university to deliver the service.
  • Set up back-up for important roles
  • Describe the key workflows of the service, via process descriptions or work instructions.
  • Make sure the service is in line with the service standards.