The service must have a clear one sentence description (ideally a verb not a noun) that allows all stakeholders to understand its purpose. 


Why is it important?

End-users (researchers, students, teachers) are presented with hundreds of services each day as they use the Internet. Having to translate unclear names makes it more difficult for an end-user to understand what the service actually does. Confusing names also make it difficult for other users (librarians, managers, other stakeholders) to understand the service 

Every service should have a one sentence description for the service. The title of the service should incorporate part of this description.  

For a few large, well-known services within the university, a ‘brand name‘ may be good enough to gain the understanding of the user. As with the one sentence service description, the responsible owner should check its suitability with user testing. 


What to do?

  • Create a clear one sentence description (ideally based on a verb not a noun) that allows all stakeholders to understand the service’s purpose and value. 
  • Use the service description wherever the service is mentioned – as part of the list of TU Delft Library services, on the library website, on library communications, and as part of the service itself. Review the service description as part of the process of getting user feedback.