The service must regularly consult users feedback about the service, ideally using a variety of methods.  


Why is it important?

We are not offering services for services’ sake. We want to help researchers, students and teachers to be the best they can be with the services we provide. That’s why we need to make sure we continue to meet user needs. We need to ensure we are adding value and checking this with our actual users. The library will develop a toolbox with user engagement tools teams can use to get feedback and improve. Design Thinking principles will help us here. It is important to embrace critical feedback and get better from it!


What to do?

  • Regularly test their own services from the perspective of an end user. This way it gets easier to talk to users.
  • Combine both digital and physical means to get user feedback.
    • Get Google Analytics in place (or similar) 
  • Use (and contribute to) the Library User Engagement Toolkit to collect feedback, and develop a method to analyse the feedback.
  • Document and share user feedback with other services.