The service must respond to user feedback and, where possible, update quickly.


Why is it important?

To build trust and to keep trust it’s important that users feel that they are taken seriously, and their voices are heard. Users who see their feedback implemented will probably advocate for the library (services) and will be more open to help again in the future. Monitor, iterate and improve not only at the early stage of the service but throughout the entire lifespan.


What to do?

  • Identify and acknowledge points (from the user data and user research) that can be improved, not focus on the points that are already going well.
  • Take an iterative approach to user feedback.
  • Prioritize points of improvement based on user feedback.
  • See if they can be over responsive to certain trends in the feedback. Six star service (going one step beyond what is expected) depends on getting to the question behind the question. Teams are not putting out fires but improving the long-term future of a service –  making the solution more technically sound, more simple, richer with features or better supported by better trained people.