Not every service from TU Delft Library needs to look identical, but they must share a common style that makes it apparent that it is part of the Library.


Why is it important?

End-users are often not aware of the diversity and depth of services offered by the library. A consistent, lightweight brand indicates that a service is delivered by the library and can be trusted as a high-quality service. It also contributes to a sense of ownership around our services for the library staff.

 A brand also contains and expresses the values that you stand for. We have TU Delft values, library values, open science values to uphold. The services are a way of living these brands, or in other words, practice what you preach.


What to do?

  • Use the TU Delft house style within your service
    • Specific colours for themes from the TU Delft house style palette
    • Use photography and illustrations  in accordance with the Library style guide
    • Specific tone of voice according to the Library style guide
  • TU Delft branding is the default and is always the most impactful to use. Consult with the Comms team on possible exceptions. 
    • Operating within the TU Delft house style, use the TU Delft Library logo – TU Delft | Library.
    • Powered by TU Delft Library: for services that are sponsored or facilitated by the Library