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Building a new institutional repository – a technical perspective

As part of our Digital Service Programme, we are building a new institutional repository to replace the current version. This is no small project. There are many different areas to consider: collections policy, user requirements and interface, metadata schemas, hardware needs. A core part of the task is of course the technical development of the..

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Re-thinking the Library Repository – Notes from first brainstorm meeting

TU Delft Library recently held the first brainstorm meeting to rethink the Library Repository. While the  initial theme of the discussion was the repository, the conversation quickly moved away from the repository and focussed more on the content contained within them. To think about a repository infrastructure first needs thinking about (digital) collections. What collections..

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Rethinking the Library Repository

One of the key parts of the Digital Service Programme is to update the strategic direction and technical infrastructure of the TU Delft Library Repository. The current repository infrastructure serves many functions. Based on Islandora, along with various other components, it acts a mechanism for searching and downloading Green Open Access research articles, doctoral theses,..

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