01 Service Design at TU Delft Library

Welcome to our service design project page, where we showcase our approach to designing and improving services. As front-runners in the field, we utilize a people-centered process to enhance the user experience of our services. Through collaborative methods that engage both customers and service delivery teams, we gain a holistic understanding of our users and the services we provide. Join us in revolutionizing service delivery by exploring our page to learn more about our service design projects.
User Journey Framework | TUDelft Library

We have developed a user journey framework that helps us manage our services from a user’s point of view. By transitioning from an intuitional to an organized approach and integrating fragmented services into a cohesive whole, we can deliver excellent user experiences.

Why we need user journey framework?
  • from intuitional to organized

  • from fragmented services to an integrated whole

  • deliver excellent user experience by looking at their journeys
What’s in it?

Our user journey framework consists of 7 fundamental steps that outline the very generic journey of our library users. We use this framework to dive deeper into the emerging topics related to user journeys, allowing us to identify areas for improvement and connect different initiatives throughout the organization. By leveraging this framework, we can ensure a cohesive and user-centered approach to managing our services.

Types of Projects

We use our user journey framework to conduct various projects, including quick dives, free dives, and deep dives, to explore specific or broad topics related to user journeys. Each type of project offers a different level of focus and depth, ranging from quick fixes to rich understanding and input for strategic decisions. 

To learn more about the nature of these projects and the chosen priorities for the deep dives visit our blog post, or explore our online portfolio by clicking on a topic to view the corresponding dives.

How we use it?
Other related projects
Service Definition Project

The project aimed to provide a framework for all the library’s services, with clear descriptions organized into user-friendly categories, followed by the establishment of pragmatic service standards that each service initially aspires to and eventually conforms to. The project started in May 2021 and finished in March 2022, with a public list of services and the TU Delft Library Service Standards now available.

Nominated Services Project

From March to December 2022, a project will be carried out to implement service standards for 10 TU Delft Library Services. The project aims to assess the suitability of services for the standards, identify areas that need improvement, and recommend updates to the standards.