A session with MT took place at the beginning of the new year to align the strategic direction for 2023. At the session we gathered their inputs on the following 3 subjects:

1.Finalizing User Journey Framework

Figure 1. The MT were fine-tuning the user journey framework

Figure 2. The final version of the User Journey Framework | TU Delft Library

2.From framework to projects

The service design team showcased how we’ve moved from the framework to the actual service design projects. There are 3 different types of projects: Quick Dive, Free Dive and Deep Dive (see Figure 3). We’ve been running several Quick Dive- (e.g., improving the overall UX of borrowing a book) and Free Dive- projects (e.g., making the library customer service welcoming and appealing to PhD candidates, improving the accessibility of the DIY video booth and VR Zone) in the past half a year. This year we’ll kick off with Deep Dive project(s).

Figure 3. The comparison of the 3-type of projects with examples

3. Selecting topics for the Deep Dive

Based on the following criteria,

  • Where do we want to deliver the best user experience?
  • Where do we know the most or the least about our users?
  • Where is the biggest need for the service design team to step in?
  • How can we get the commitment of the project team (e.g. domain expert, service owner, decision maker)?

The MT selected top 3 topics from the User Journey Framework: I publish, I get in contact with an expert, I get inspired.  Each topic will be further explored together with a delegated project team.