At the Service Design day of the TU Delft Library multi-disciplinary participants, crossing functions, crossing teams engaged with service design. Management, team heads and service owners, each brought in his/her super power (e.g. The Talisman: help students find study material, Lady Chatterbox: translating dreams into language, The Clarifier,: never afraid to ask dumb questions, Musselman: Help people find the question behind the question) to accelerate the improvement of customer experience of the library.

In the workshop,

  • We connected different teams
  • We aligned our vision as library
  • We helped our staff members to engage with service design

Together we co-developed a customerjourney framework for the organization based on the user insights. With this framework we will be able to guide our organization’s efforts in bringing in user insights and providing excellent customer experience.

Roleplaying with user persona cards

Through a creative challenge we connected our library core values to our services. The participants brainstormed with user persona cards on how to improve their services for user personas such as, the stressed PhD, the efficient professor, the lost teacher, the curious student, and others, with the library values open, trusted, and inspiring in mind. Through role play the participants brought the ideas and values to life.

Download user persona card set

It was a day for library staff to reenergize, engage, discuss and feel inspired. Together we hope to bring our services to the next level. Check out the Service Design Day video!