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Redesigning TU Delft Library’s Digital Channels: Workshop Highlights

At the beginning of this year, two workshops took place with library staff to discuss the future of the TU Delft Library website(s) and to gain insight into the usage and needs of the users. The aim of these workshops was to inform staff of the work on the TU Delft Library website project and..

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Service Design Session with the MT, January 12 – Defining Strategic Direction for the Service Design Activities 2023

A session with MT took place at the beginning of the new year to align the strategic direction for 2023. At the session we gathered their inputs on the following 3 subjects: 1.Finalizing User Journey Framework Figure 1. The MT were fine-tuning the user journey framework Figure 2. The final version of the User Journey..

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Service Design Day November 15th, 2022

At the Service Design day of the TU Delft Library multi-disciplinary participants, crossing functions, crossing teams engaged with service design. Management, team heads and service owners, each brought in his/her super power (e.g. The Talisman: help students find study material, Lady Chatterbox: translating dreams into language, The Clarifier,: never afraid to ask dumb questions, Musselman:..

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